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These are Real Prevention and the Cure to Corona folks, and it’s found in Real Food!! Drink Bone Broth, the gelatin strengthens immune function and helps our bodies detoxify. Vitamin A is primo but you need the sort found in a Real Food source, primarily animal based such as Cod Liver Oil and Liver from cows, sheep or chicken! Use Cod Liver Oil daily and eat Liver weekly. Real food based Vitamin D works with Vitamin A together to strengthen Immune function when it’s from Real Food sources. These that include natures richest food source of Vitamin D, Cod Liver Oil! Natures second richest food source of  Vitamin D is Lard, Pig fat from Pigs but they must be raised outdoors and get plenty of Sun. Next richest food based source of Vitamin D would be found in Egg Yolks from Hens that are out on pasture absorbing sun, eating roots, plants, bugs, worms, etc. You’ll need important Saturated Fats in your diet to help support Respiratory Function as Coronavirus has an affinity for the Respiratory System. These include foods such as Tallow and Butter from Cows consuming grasses in Pasture including dry grasses. Other helpful foods containing Saturated Fats would be Fats from outside raised animals include Lard, Mutton and Chickens. Always avoid Commercial Industrial Oils such as Canola , Soybean, Corn Oil and the like.   The Medium Chain Triglycerides are found in Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, are Anti-Microbial and Anti-CoronaVirus, a tablespoon daily helps to inactivate the virus!  Super Foods like fermented vegetables and most outstandingly Sauerkraut that is Rich in Vitamin C will help you fight  the virus’ along with a lot of other stuff! Fermented Unprocessed Raw Milk Dairy products like Yogurt and especially Kefir made from Cows Raised on Pasture also contain many immune building constituents that will help anyone at any age. Stick with Real Food, that’s where your Prevention’s and Cure’s are found!! “Let Food Be Your Medicine and Medicine Be Your Food” Hippocrates 400 BC 

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