Our bodies were designed to absorb nutrients from food, not from vitamin supplements. With many/most of the store bought supplements people take, they only allow you to receive a fraction of the necessary nutrient as it is isolated and fractionated. The important co-factors (other nutrients) that help your body properly absorb the nutrient and put it to work are absent.

When you get your nutrients from food, you get them in the proper ratios and with all the beneficial cofactors. The problem is, most people’s diets are not rich enough to provide all the necessary nutrients from the food they eat.

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Standard Process® Supplements

Standard Process SupplementsThe Standard Process® line of products is whole food based and supplements a healthy diet, rich in nutrient-dense foods. Nothing takes the place of eating right, but Standard Process® can help provide the necessary nutrients to complete your already healthy diet.

Dr. Hallett will ask you to complete a system survey questionnaire and may perform some additional tests including muscle testing to determine how you might benefit from the addition of vital nutrients and foods to your diet. Many of the supplements are available right in our office, or Dr. Hallett can order anything else you might need.

If you’re interested in learning more about improving your health through supplementation with Standard Process® products, just ask Dr. Hallett for more information.